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Credited by heavy metal expert Daniel Ekeroth as the true inventors of the ‘blast-beat’ and the originators of grindcore (he defines ASOCIAL as ‘key to any survey of extreme music’ in his book ‘Swedish Death Metal’), ASOCIAL are a total cult among old European Hardcore Punk collectors. This long-awaited slab of vinyl collects their tape discography from 1982 and 1983 in remastered quality, their legendary ‘Religion Sucks’ 7”, along with rare compilation tracks. Recommended for fans of Discharge, Varukers, Anti Cimex, Shitlickers, Mob 47.

The video picks up mid-conflict. The bully is in full aggressor mode: stalking after the victim, cutting them off, pushing them, taunting them, and getting in their envelope of personal space, sometimes looming over them like a beast. The bullying victim is folded over, trying to make themselves smaller. Or they’re turned to the side, as if subconsciously hoping the teasing will just go away. Sometimes they’re backed against a wall, as if they are hoping to melt into it.

Asocial - Total AsocialAsocial - Total AsocialAsocial - Total AsocialAsocial - Total Asocial